Event Catering in Grantham

At Little Kitchen Catering our aim is to make your special day even more memorable. Our delicious homemade foods are prepared with healthier eating options in mind and also a few guilty pleasures to sweeten your day. Examples of our dishes can be seen on the Gallery page.

We are able to cater for up to 50 guests at formal events and for business lunches, picnics, hen parties and baby showers. Our suggested options are shown below but we are happy to adapt our menus to meet your requirements. Vegetarian, gluten-free and low-fat options are available on request.


Christenings or Naming Days are truly special occasions where the family comes together to celebrate the latest arrival. A perfect occasion then to move about and mix with other family members.

With this in mind, we would suggest a cold buffet with canapés; savoury pastries; mixed salads and a selection of our wonderful cakes such as this stunning Lemon and Blueberry Naked Cake with matching cupcakes.

Baby Showers

An occasion for pampering and indulgence; a chance for the mum-to-be to look forward with her friends and family to the exciting event ahead. Gifts and cards will be opened and passed around, so perhaps a buffet would be more suitable.

It's your choice of sandwiches; savouries and canapes. As for the pampering, that would come with the arrival of our decadent Naked Cake with mixed berries and summer flowers.

Business Lunches

For business breakfasts or working lunches, we offer a variety of sandwiches prepared using artisan bread, with your choice of our delicious, home-made, fillings. We choose only the best locally sourced ingredients for all our dishes, with gluten-free and vegetarian options always available.

To complete the meal and impress your clients why not add a tempting selection of our home-made cakes and biscuits.

Afternoon Teas

What better way to spoil your family than with a classic Afternoon Tea for Mother's Day or perhaps a savoury version for Father's Day. It's also the perfect way to say 'thank you' to a friend. And perfect too for Birthdays, Pamper Days or Hen Parties.

A selection of finger sandwiches, with either traditional fillings or something just a little different, would be our recommendation. And, of course, a variety of cakes and scones with all the trimmings.

Picnic Sandwich

Picnic Packs

For many of us, picnics conjure up memories of childhood; sitting with grass-stained knees or sand in our shoes; drinking fizzy pop or tea from a flask; tucking into slightly soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches.

A picnic today is a much more sophisticated affair and we would be happy to offer suggestions for an alfresco meal tailored to suit the venue and the preferences of your guests.

Barbecue Side Dishes

When the sun shines, and sometimes when it doesn't, we like nothing better than to bring out the barbecue. To compliment your grilled meat, fish or vegetarian options, your choice of side dishes is most important.

We can offer a selection which could include a spicy chorizo and sweet potato salad; mixed bean salad; mozzarella and sundried tomatoes with home made pesto; roasted vegetables with couscous or a potato salad with feta and Parma ham.

Shooting Parties

Hearty and warming food to take away the chill of the day. Our spicy soup shots would be perfect, served with deep filled sandwiches and freshly baked sausage rolls.

And for pudding yet more comforting dishes - sticky pear and ginger cake, or rhubarb and ginger crumble. Gluten free options are always available if required.

Funeral Lunches

Funeral Luncheons

Knowing that the catering arrangements are in safe hands can be a great comfort at this very difficult time and we will do everything we can to make this part of the day as stress-free as possible.

Please contact us to discuss your menu preferences and the number of people likely to attend the wake. If you are unsure about which dishes to order then please let us offer suggestions appropriate for the occasion.

Event Catering in Grantham

Healthy eating is important but more important still is the wonderful experience of sharing food with others. So, from business lunches to social gatherings, we are ready to provide you with dishes that are just a little different!

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